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Villa is an unique Bed & Breakfast tourism facility situated on the magnificent Mediterranean sea shores, prepared to welcome tranquility seeking tourists all year long. Click the images below to see more

Ocean Villa is a boutique hotel located in South California. Ocean Villa is unique for being one of the few ocean villas in America. Whether you are an individual traveling through California, a family celebrating a milestone, or an organization planning a retreat, the hospitality at Ocean Villa will make your stay one to remember. With our gourmet dining, events and pet-friendly rooms, engaging workshops, and children’s programming, there is something for everyone. All are welcome at Ocean Villa!

Truly, Ocean Villas could hardly be the Ocean Vilas we all know and love without being so close to the Ocean. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then no number of verbose text we could throw at you comes close to match the soft humming, buzzing and hissing when those crystal clear waves hit the beach. The best part? You’ll be right there to enjoy the calming ambient sound, whether you’re having a morning coffee or going to bed with a book by your bedside.

Ocean Villas is an example property that we could talk at length about, simply because it is an abstraction. Ocean Villas are currently real, but as soon as you leave the page, the wonderful property ceases to exist. That’s the fun part of being a showcase hotel that was created for demo purposes. Every visitor has their own idea, and every visitor is ultimately right.